Tayd3rtot A Profile in Passionate Collecting “Thr33som3s is one of the few people in the space that I truly see as a person, a friend.” Tayd3rtot is not your typical art aficionado. A young, vibrant personality, Tayd3rtot’s a rising star in the expansive universe of NFTs. He’s not painting the next masterpiece or sculpting in […]


MAYA DRAISIN “I believe in helping people navigate this change into digital transformation.” The daughter of an Artificial Intelligence scientist, for Maya Draisin, a career in tech seemed destined. Couple this with her family’s artistic background, and it explains why web3, NFTs, and Maya are a match made in heaven. “I really think that how […]


KARSEN DAILY “She is also a collector of art and limited edition art pieces and is adamant that existing art institutions still have a role to play with NFTs.” THERE’S A HINT OF CYNICISM IN KARSEN DAILY’S APPROACH TO WEB3. SHE’S BEEN BURNED, HURT, AND LET DOWN, BUT HER STREET-SMART APPROACH AND NEW BUSINESS-SAVVY PROTECT […]


Yaraspucia BE STRONG “I became fascinated by it; it became a lifeline for me, offering hope during dark times.” Yara Chammaa, a.k.a. Yaraspucia, chose her online handle from the character Raspucia in the movie Norbit. Despite being portrayed as a negative character, she chose this name as a reminder to be strong and bring out […]

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday “I want always to be on the edge, on the frontier. I go where I think communities are interesting. If it’s harder to collect, I like it better.” Collecting NFT art suits Sunday Funday’s personality. IRL, he’s been a collector of many things, so it felt natural that he should find his niche […]


NORCAL_GUY “I probably should not be flipping any of these. I’m going to hold onto these.” “Art Collector? Biscuit King.” That’s how NorCal_Guy describes himself. Before entering the world of web3, NorCal_Guy invested in crypto and launched his wife’s startup from home. Being active in the Twittersphere, his introduction into the NFT space came from […]


MOONCAT “I think 2023 will be the year of AI and that art will definitely be a big part of it. I think AI art will matter big time in the future.” MOONCAT2878 IS NOT FROM THIS WORLD. HE JOINED THE NFT SPACE DURING THE FINAL CHAPTER OF 2021 AFTER DESCENDING TO EARTH FROM THE […]


33 “When giving advice to newcomers to the NFT space, 33 emphasizes the importance of not giving up too soon or setting your prices too high at the start of your NFT journey.“ 33’s internet journey started in the nineties when he made a living from buying and selling domain names. An early adopter of […]

BAYC 5511

BAYC 5511 “Everyone benefits when the smaller artists are nurtured. It will not rescind healthy competition, but will help create a forceful creative and economic environment.” At some point, Web3 is going to be flooded with artists looking to make a buck with their work. When this happens, curation is going to be crucial. It […]