“The beauty of NFT art is that it enables everyone who has a story to tell to showcase it.”

Absolutely Wrong’s journey to becoming one of the most sought-after NFT artists was a mistake waiting to happen. “I was doing a lot of things, but nothing really interested me,” he recalls. “Then not long after I found an article about NFTs, I didn’t know what it was.”

From there – using just a mouse (to draw), Photoshop, and AfterEffects – Absolutely Wrong began cementing himself as one of the Mount Rushmore’s of NFT art. Fast forward to today and his work can be seen in the Super Rare collection, a rare feat accomplished by few.

He is one of many digital artists reaping the rewards of a growing and bustling NFT industry. Having full autonomy of when and what he creates, authenticity and creativity are rife within each artwork. He reflects: “My inspiration comes from music and how I experience things in life.”

A Basquiat style is intertwined in his creative formula, and with dark undertones providing hidden meanings, Absolutely Wrong’s work is more than a piece of art. It’s a message.

Artworks such as Root of Evil, Save Me From Myself and Hide My Face Because I’m Not Good Enough are excellent examples of his ‘read between the lines’ pieces.

Introverted by nature, art has become his outlet for communicating without talking, sharing that “I don’t have the ability to talk with my close ones.” The beauty of NFT art is that it enables everyone who has a story to tell to showcase it – whether they be outgoing, shy, or dark. It has the ability to connect individuals, foster communities, and power a diverse Metaverse.

Utilizing the platform Tezos, he began growing his audience via Twitter, before eventually settling on Ethereum and objkt. Within this journey of becoming one of the most recognizable artists in the NFT space, Absolutely Wrong has collaborated with other forward-thinking, high-caliber artists and has no sign of falling by the wayside.

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