“I loved how I could create my own world using my imagination.”

PowerJah, with the Twitter handle @powerjahrt, is a collector, renowned artist, and web3 influencer. His strategy elevated him to fame on the blockchain.

He’s been a lifelong artist, too: “I remember my mom keeping my pictures from six years old,” he shares. “I played various games on the computers and would try to redraw them. I loved how I could create my own world using my imagination.” And, of course, an immense love of nature to “go to the forest or the mountains for a few hours for inspiration – this is my choice.” That has translated into several highly successful collections…

‘His Majesty Mushroom: Forgotten Hotel’ is his first and one of such epic collections. It is inspired by a real-life hotel built in 1928 that experienced an unforeseen environmental disaster and resulted in the area around the hotel being fenced by a 13ft wall and all entrances being closed. ‘Sorrows’ encapsulates a “lost and forgotten world where people were waiting for the end of the world. They have no goals and aspirations, but in this emptiness, a bewitching beauty is born. The combination of religion and mysticism in the world that is about to die but still tries to live.” ‘Mania and Dementia’ is a collection of “a story about the punishment of an ancient sorcerer who was cursed by his god. Trapped in his own mind, he was forced to create beautiful worlds during the day and destroy them at night each time.”

His creative freedom and imagination felt in his early years are still very much prevalent in his work today. In fact, it is key to what makes PowerJah’s art so unique.

“From the outside, it looks like the hotel is inhabited by the visitors,” he explains about ‘Forgotten Hotel.’ “I tried a lot to create it because I wanted to make something unique. After this, I created diverse collections, each with its shade.”

The NFT space provides artists with this creative immunity and exposes them to many like-minded creatives. Art that may be disregarded by traditional art galleries is celebrated and bought within the NFT community. PowerJah continues to push the boundaries for creatives looking to make a living from fantasy and nature-inspired art.

“Welcome to the tardigrade club, buddy.”