Skitchism’s artwork blows people’s minds. They’re deeply immersive, fun, bold, and incredibly beautifully created. Tatak Waskitho is his real name, and he hails from Indonesia. This illustrator and artist’s 1/1 pieces are hugely popular in the NFT art world. He is influenced by Saul Bass, Jeremyville, McBess and Jerome Castro, and his style is inspired by countless hours of watching Japanese anime such as Doraemon and Dragon Ball.

His first collection, titled Shroomsical, is a 1/1 collection and is described as a tribute to the beautiful sound. He’s also collaborated with fellow NFT artist Juki, local Indonesian artist Faza Meonk, and has had his works displayed in an IRL exhibition to generate more interest in his NFT creations.

“I like that NFT gives equal space for big or small artists to be appreciated, and also interacting with collectors who are very happy with our work is a very pleasant feeling,” explained Tatak on his love for the NFT space. “I am aware that by becoming an NFT artist, my work will be seen by many people, so as much as possible, I create works that can positively impact those who see them. There are no shortcuts; trust the process!”