“The endless possibilities: it’s amazing to have this burgeoning community with new technology and evolution every day. It’s like the limitations just keep falling away.”

FVCKRENDER is a native digital artist from Vancouver, Canada, who builds futuristic landscapes, renderings, and more that transport viewers to a hallucinatory experience. He’s a one-man studio using AR and CGI software to weave his artworks. His art is exceptional – drawing admiration from young and old alike.

FVCKRENDER has left an indelible mark on the digital landscape: he’s created and fostered art, community, utility, and entirely new worlds in the metaverse – with millions of followers, worldwide supporters, and even international celebrity collectors. He’s been innovating in the space since 2016 and is completely self-taught with 3d art software. His daily routine – and passion – is creating; he’s made one piece of work each day for the past five years.

Discussing his inspiration and influences for his art, FVCKRENDER shares: “Rather than being influenced by people, I try to pull inspiration from the environment and my real-life experiences. When I first started, it was so easy to fall into the trap of looking at other artists’ work and changing my style to be more like theirs. I want to keep going in a direction that is truly me and use my interactions as influences – like the curve of a lamp or a particular reflection off a window.”

His most defining project in the NFT space has been creating his LVCIDIA web3 world. “With that, I’ve been able to mold an entire ecosystem and explore entirely new utility in truly uncharted territory.”

His work has been featured in esteemed auction houses, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s. The recent success of his FVCK_ CRYSTAL project generated over $36 million in total revenue. Notable clients include Ledger, Supreme, HypeBeast, The Hundreds, Swarovski, Dior, Avant Arte, Spotify, and TIME.

Asking FVCKRENDER about what he’s most excited about for the future of the NFT space, he says: “I don’t even know where it will be in five days, let alone five years from now. Watching the evolution is the best part, and I’m excited to see where it takes us. If I had to predict the future, I think we’re going to see some incredibly developed digital worlds and the kind of utility we can only dream of now.”

His advice for artists looking to get into the NFT space is invaluable: “Stay true to your style and create work you’re proud of. There’s no secret recipe for success, but it’s a lot easier to work towards it if you’re true to your own style.”