“It’s such a great thing to wake up every single day and realize that you love what you’re doing.”

Ely Taylor’s enthusiasm for web3 and the NFT space is infectious. This artist is 21 years old and has a wise head on his young shoulders.

“If you want to make art, do something creative, or apply yourself differently, in web3, you can do it,” he shares. “You don’t need to create art. You can also involve yourself in a community. There’s always room for contributing to spaces. Think of yourself multidimensionally and apply yourself in multiple ways in this space.”

Born and raised in Chicago, elysianecstacy (a.k.a. Ely Taylor) has been an artist his whole life. His mom’s an art historian and artist, distinctly shaping his outlook on life. In the 4th grade, he started his own comic called Twinkle Mush-Mush, an anthropomorphic mushroom with a sword. His school friends and classmates loved it – and it set him on his journey in the art world. Since then, he’s been focused on comics, comic books, and comic book art.

It was his reason for joining Twitter in September 2021: he wanted to share his comics. Other artists pushed him to move into the NFT space and web3 – and the 21-year-old quickly fell in love with the tech. It’s been a wild ride since for Ely – and success took time to build. “I work my ass off on my art. I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to watch TV, went out to a bar, or anything like that.”

Asking him if he collects NFTs, it soon becomes clear he’s also a serious collector: he has spent most of his money earned back on friends’ NFTs and other artwork he loves. His art is fun and vibrant, and draws a viewer in – not only for the visual aspect but also for the storyline. Ely explains: “All my art collection takes place within one canonical-like story universe. I put a ton of labor into them, and they are very thought out conceptually.”

You can very well believe that when looking at his sold-out collection “The Elysians”. It is a collection of 40 unique pieces. His other collection, “Tales from Elysia,” currently has nine items – and the story will have you hooked too.

As Ely says, “adventure awaits those who dare to dream!”