“Just support people and continue to collect and share, and I think that’s the best way to move in this space.”

If there’s one thing that stands out in Harristotle’s approach to NFTs, crypto, and web3, it’s his humanity. Of his work in the virtual world, he says that he loves the human element of meeting new people, affecting their lives in beneficial ways, and having them do the same for him.

After quitting his job in 2022 to go into web3 full-time, he is busy trading and collecting but also takes time to advise new entrants into NFTs. He even made a personal Discord he calls the H-Wagon and has onboarded a dozen or so neophytes into web3 and NFT collecting. Although many of them knew each other in real life, here they have found a safe space online where they can ask questions they don’t feel comfortable asking on other forums like Twitter. Harristotle posts advice and best practices around wallets and online safety, giving tips and guidance. He was also an original minter and early collector of big projects like Pixel Vault’s ‘Punk Comics’ and Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club. He would find new projects to mint and collect by bouncing around ideas with his other closest web3 community, ‘Door Gang.’

His thesis on collecting also has a humanitarian angle. Apart from looking at artists who have a particular style that’s very unique and recognizable – anything from the characters in their work to the color palettes – he likes to support smaller, up-and-coming artists who experiment. He has received many heart-warming messages from a number of them, telling him just how much his purchases mean to them.

Of those artists using the very non-human AI to create, he says: “I respect what people are doing with it, and if there’s ways that it can augment what an artist is already creating and they’re finding ways to do things that are next level, then I’m open to it.”

In the end, this might be a virtual world we are operating in, but (bots aside) it’s all about the people behind the art, the creators, and the collectors that help them build their brands.

Borrowing from his Greek namesake, Harristotle’s own philosophy is simple: “Just support people and continue to collect and share, and I think that’s the best way to move in this space.”