Muhju Art

Dreamlike Darkness – The Beauty in Melancholia

“To me, art is an expression – one that is personal and authentic. The expression itself can be positive, but it can also be negative. I don’t intend to put out an ‘inspiring’ or ‘positive’ message. Instead, I aspire to portray the mixed expression of reality itself. This stands in stark contrast to modern media culture, e.g., movies and stories in which the ending is almost always happy, and the characters manage to pull off a win against all odds. A happy ending is, of course, something good – but sadly, this is not how real life works.

“In my art, I try to capture the broader picture – taking into account melancholia, pain, and suffering, sometimes without the hope of any relief – that underlies reality itself. However, it is crucial to note that I am not a pessimist or nihilist: I do not see the above as something ‘bad’. Instead, it just is; there is something beautiful in that, true aesthetic value. I aspire to draw attention to this inherent contradiction between turning something that is classically seen as ‘bad’ into something ‘beautiful,’ and I believe that every person can authentically relate to this, irrespective of the medium.”

He explains his process: “I work digitally, using 3D modelling techniques with Zbrush and Cinema4D. I also paint over the works and merge the 3D by collaging them with traditional paintings. I aim to bring traditional paintings a new meaning in the contemporary context. Through dramatic scenes and poses, my art strings together a multitude of cultural styles from the early Renaissance to our contemporary period, tying together the traditional and the digital.”

He has two collections on Foundation and OpenSea, Obscuria and Vitia. Obscuria is a sold-out collection that tells stories of the journey through light and darkness with captivating imagery. It is no surprise this collection sold out quickly.

Vitia – translated as vices, defects or faults – is a collection of 50 1-of-1 portraits. Each image tells the story of one affliction or defect portrayed as a figure representing that emotion or state. They are profoundly moving artworks, mesmerizing in their attraction and complexity.

He’s continuing his artistic journey on SuperRare and going ‘beyond the canvas’ for the future. Muhju, we doff our hat to your talent!

Muhju Art