“If the sky was the limit, there wouldn’t be footprints on the moon.”

With a low boredom threshold, Nizzar Ben Chekroune has had to find several careers to keep himself busy, solvent, and stimulated. Until web3 and NFTs came along, his limit in any one job was around two years. Previous work included nightclubs, real estate, video creation, stints with the UN, and the United States Agency for International Development in his home country of Morocco. Finally, he set up a marketing agency of his own called Arroz Con Pollo.

Nizzar’s thriving marketing strategy business took a dive during the COVID-19 lockdown, but then he began working smarter and harder – and was able to generate revenue outside of Morocco.

His introduction to NFTs came via @GaryVee. Nizzar bought a Bored Ape, lost on gas fees, went on Discord to understand the markets and processes, and began with a better understanding of dabbling in NFT art. To this day, he wishes he’d reinvested way more in Apes. As he says, “When you receive milk, buy more cows.”

His enthusiasm was infectious, and he convinced an investor and partnered with him to get more Blue Chip NFTs. They had a pretty wild time, looking for the best opportunities at the best time, but soon realized they needed a strategy. “Our strategy was threefold: one, understanding the technology; two, creating cred; and three, building valuable applications.”

Understanding the technology meant interacting with contracts to buy and sell NFTs and tokens, and to win and lose money, which is what they did all the time, building their credibility on social media. Seeing his trade record, Nizzar soon became someone the community could trust.

The two bought a lot of pieces, such as Bored Apes and Punks, that they believed in and ended up being good investments, so their strategy of building understanding was working.

They built Nception, using NFTs to raise funds from investors to fund other projects. Then they began to think about alternative ways of funding. is the first B2B platform bridging the gap between artists, brands, and organizations. changes how funds are raised by International Organizations, The UN, and notable foundations using blockchain and tradeable NFTs. “And now we’re raising funds to take it where it’s supposed to go, which I hope is the moon because if the sky was the limit, there wouldn’t be footprints on the moon.”