“I think mostly in pictures, so when I hear music, I’m automatically translating the sounds/lyrics into visuals.”

Jacklyn paints striking and beautiful art nouveau-style portraits of women. Her art explores Innocence, Loss, Wonder, and Nostalgia, telling an emotional and captivating story through her talent. Since she was old enough to hold a pen, she’s been drawing. So, she has always used drawing, writing, or sculpture to express herself and understand her feelings. “I’ve always been a traditional artist, so I never made anything digital until about halfway through my career when I joined the web3 space.” Her artwork stunned the NFT world – and she’s never looked back.

Jacklyn always cared deeply about the history of art. She loves discovering hidden artists, learning about their inspirations, their lives, and the motivation that led them to participate in art movements that have shaped the world of art for centuries. “That was always more important to me than the art they made because if you can get a sense of their intention, what was going on around them, and how they used to make it work, I think that’s where you really start to find your own way to connect to that as an artist.”

Born in Ghana, Jacklyn was raised in a country and society where stories are fundamental to making sense of and making connections with the wider world, and she makes an effort to create works that evoke a certain feeling or advance a particular story. “When I design something, I aim for it to be as unrefined and open-ended as possible so that it might develop significance through time. I think the most essential thing about my art is that I use a lot of adinkra symbols and markings that have been a part of my cultural heritage for millennia. To build a connection between my own culture and the cultures around me, I spend a lot of time researching the symbols I use in my work.”

Jacklyn started to see more artists gathering in the digital space, which sparked her creativity again. “You get back in touch with your environment, culture, and past. And things start to look different to you.” And the NFT space is richer for having her voice and art in it!