A Profile in Passionate Collecting

“Thr33som3s is one of the few people in the space that I truly see as a person, a friend.”

Tayd3rtot is not your typical art aficionado. A young, vibrant personality, Tayd3rtot’s a rising star in the expansive universe of NFTs. He’s not painting the next masterpiece or sculpting in VR. Instead, he’s a passionate collector, reveling in the chance to financially grow while appreciating the artwork of others.

“My focus on NFTs is collecting and growing financially. I’m still quite young, so I have plenty of room for risk,” Tayd3rtot explains. Despite an early attempt at creating, he realized his passion lay in the acquisition and appreciation of NFT art rather than its production. And the community he most identifies with? The collective orbiting around thr33som3s, whose work and ethic resonate deeply with Tayd3rtot. He regards the community not just as a group of fellow collectors but a family bonded by a shared love for digital art and their faith in thr33som3s’ dual principles: safeguarding collector value and upholding absolute integrity.

“Everyone there cares deeply, not only for the benefit of the project as a whole but for each other. Much deeper than any other project I’ve ever seen,” Tayd3rtot shares. “Thr33som3s is one of the few people in the space that I truly see as a person, a friend.”

In an industry often marked by its novelty and unpredictability, Tayd3rtot’s NFT journey started just as uniquely. “My favorite musical artist (DJ) is illenium, and back on March 31st of 2021, illenium posted an Instagram post, stating that he was going to do an NFT drop on Nifty Gateway. This was before I knew what an NFT was,” Tayd3rtot recalls. Despite his initial lack of success in illenium’s giveaways, he kept trying, eventually finding his rhythm and branching out beyond the gateway into Tezos NFTs, where he discovered thr33som3s and his community.

Through the vibrant world of NFTs, Tayd3rtot has found a community, a hobby, and an investment opportunity. But beyond these, he’s found a source of excitement and friendship that continues to drive him forward. His story reminds us that in this digital realm, there’s room for everyone – creators, collectors, investors, and enthusiasts alike.