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“It reminded me how good it feels that my baseline in life – art – was propelling my career forward. It felt natural.”

From the age of 4, Sonhdon has been drawing, sketching, and painting. Her grandmother first taught her to draw and blend colors, then honed her painting techniques. Sonhdon is the first in her family to pursue art as a career.

“I was never sure about what art meant to me for my future, but I always felt comforted when drawing and painting,” Sonhdon says. “I’m inspired by traditional art, especially its texture and depth. Freddy Carrasco is an artist who inspires me, the way he uses texture and its simplicity in his artwork.”

She’s a digital and traditional mixed media artist who works in detail. She tries to replicate and recreate the depth, texture, and movement of traditional paintings in digital form as closely as she can. It’s no art made for NFTs; it is art made for art’s sake.

Sonhdon was introduced to the NFT world in 2021 as part of a group chat of about 70 artists and creatives. She was one of the last of them to dive into NFTs; she was nervous about the onboarding processes. Fortunately, she met a friend who guided her: @ang_ramm. She is currently in art school to expand her art knowledge and skills. Sonhdon experienced her first web3 interactions during her transition between high school graduation and the start of college. “I just started to post my art to Instagram for the fun of it. I was filled with so much energy and a good feeling from posting and sharing my art. People began to follow me, and some suggested I turn to Twitter. I did that, and my following grew rapidly there. It reminded me how good it feels that my baseline in life – art – was propelling my career forward. It felt natural.”

For Sonhdon, art is transitory: she doesn’t want to be boxed into a specific art style, genre, or a single artwork. “When viewing my artwork, it is like viewing my life in real-time, viewing my explorations and introspection. And if people connect with that, that’s special. I am still working toward my full potential, but I’m really glad that people are here to witness my growth.”

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