Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK

Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK


“I’m creating a world at the intersection of art, culture, and tech.”

Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK, is a full-time artist, innovator, and visionary. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, he moved to Chicago 12 years ago to pursue life as an artist. Since then, he has worked with brands like Adidas, Levi’s, Kaiser, and Toyota. He launched a subsidiary agency called Naomi and was a creative director at Google for two years. During 2022, LOGIK transitioned into the web3 space full-time and has already left an indelible mark. He established Studio LOGIK in Los Angeles as a web3 agency with a mission to create a new world at the intersection of art, culture, and tech. Partners and clients include TIME, Vayner, Timex, Life WTR, and the Chicago Bulls.

LOGIK created ‘The Plug,’ a project launched in October 2022. He says: “I was able to create this thing where it was like a loyalty program. When people purchase my NFT, they start at 1%, and every 60 days, there’s a ‘battery pack.’ It charges up 1%, 17%, 33%, and then there’s a ranking associated with it as well which changes.”

This enables LOGIK to track how long people have supported him as an artist and monitor how long they hold a piece. If people sell the NFT before the battery pack reaches 100%, the piece then reverts back to 1% on the secondary market. If they HODL it to 100%, it locks in and stays that way forever on the blockchain. Innovative coding!

LOGIK also started SUGOI (which means ‘wow’ or ‘awesome’ in Japanese), an international multi-day conference and festival that brings together Big Tech, web3, subcultures, and popular culture in Brooklyn, NYC. Panel discussions, artist talks, immersive NFT gallery spaces, and live musical performances are all examples of activations.

This artist places focus on supporting the art and arts: “I support the artists. I put the liquidity back into the pool and just try to support other people that’s rocking with me.” He launched an NPO Japanese Language School for the global Black and Brown community called Chiba Center, funded with crypto from ‘The Plug’ project.’

Hard work pays off. The NFT space is lucky to have this incredible artist and builder.

Julian Gilliam, a.k.a. LOGIK