“We all live in the digital world and IRL, but the human component is the most important and cannot be forgotten.”

For Pompey, the human aspect of working with people has always been important and is what drew him into A&R (Artists & Repertoire) in the music industry. As much as he loved the music, he enjoyed working with the artists and writers behind each creation. In his early days of crypto, he recalls being overwhelmed by the positivity he encountered online.

“They were just like so helpful,” he recollects. “Everybody was so excited to welcome you into the community, especially in the NFT world. I was learning all these things and having so many discussions on Twitter and Discord…”

And the people must have seen how friendly Pompey was too, as Bright Moments, one of the first NFT projects he joined, asked him to become a Community Manager. Later, Pompey went full-time with Art Blocks, and now his job involves maintaining a Discord server of 50k people and acting as a go-between the company and collectors.

The role isn’t dissimilar to that of A&R in the music world he left behind for crypto – engaging with the platform’s artists, liaising with key players across the company and industry, and guiding collectors across the product suite. He greatly enjoys being part of the changing landscape and assisting others in navigating the space, saying, “I think the overarching and most important mission we have is welcoming, onboarding, and teaching new community members.”

Amongst his most significant achievements, he counts the marathon 24-hour-long Twitter Spaces titled BlockTalkathon, which he helped organize that hosted 80 speakers in seven languages and a virtual audience of over 6,500.

But at all times, Pompey is about people. “We all live in the digital world and IRL, but the human component is the most important and cannot be forgotten. I’m positive and optimistic that love and humans will prevail at the end of the day.”

And so say all of us.