“I love collecting and think it is a good way to give back to the community.”

Stefan Mathez, better known as toomuchlag, is a passionate creator with a Swiss-Italian heritage. After pursuing a law degree and deciding it wasn’t his calling, toomuchlag got into 3D animation and fell in love with it.

He then moved to London, working in a marketing and advertising agency, before eventually going freelance and working with brands like Google and Netflix. It was during a collaboration project with a musician friend that he began to nurture his creative passions.

His collection that followed attests to his stupefying talent. Inspired by one of the greatest classic Italian literature of all time, Dante’s ‘La Divina Commedia,’ ‘My Journey’ fuses toomuchlag’s almost-surreal artwork with original music created by his duo, Fibonoire. The five-piece collection highlights the dawn of his journey leading him to enlightenment and emergence.

Using blockchain-native mechanics, he creates unique works and experiences. He constantly releases NFTs with scarcity in mind, and since then has created memorable works like ‘Satoshi’s Coin,’ ‘Le Anime’ and ‘Dream Machine,’ recently sold at Christie’s in New York.

Does he find it hard to remain relevant in the NFT space? “Remaining relevant in the NFT space can be quite challenging,” toomuchlag admits. “The marketing aspect is particularly difficult, as it’s not always easy to express the true essence of your art to potential buyers. Even when you understand the concept behind your artwork, finding the right angle to market it and attract people to your distinct style can be tricky.”

As an avid collector, toomuchlag has amassed an impressive collection. “I started buying artwork from Nifty Gateway and SuperRare and just kept going from there. I’m still collecting to this day. I find it a great way to give back to the community and support the artists.”

Fluent in Italian, English, French, and Spanish, toomuchlag is eager to see to what extent the NFT space will transform in years to come.