Loki Highlock

Of Fog and Fen

“Web3 technology is interesting because it’s like being in the era of the artists that have control over our own futures. It’s what we put into it is what we get out of it.”

Five years ago, Loki Highlock bought his first DSLR camera and started learning about the intricacies of photography. This only fuelled his passion for the art form, motivating him to become a master of the camera.

“I had put myself on a 365-day challenge, and after I’d completed that, I just kept going, and I kept shooting every day for about four years,” says Loki. “I wasn’t posting a photo every single day. I was simply making sure that I had my camera. I took a photo every day, even if that meant running outside at night because I had forgotten to take one earlier that day.”

That dedication not only boosted his experience and expertise behind the camera but also cemented him as one of the most recognizable and unique landscape photographers. Living off-grid on 100 acres surrounded by fen and forest in Ontario, Canada, he has plenty of opportunities to hone his fog photography.

Loki discovered NFTs relatively recently and minted his first collection in December 2021. Before his first mint, Loki had only sold a few of his photographs in the physical realm. Now, he has two collections on OpenSea and is on Foundation. He plans to mint a new 10-piece fog collection on Foundation this year.

Web3 is nothing without its community. This was highlighted when Connor Musket connected with Loki, and then introduced him to a community of like-minded photographers, creators, and collectors.

“I believe that we are in the era of the artist. Web3 allows us full responsibility and control over our own futures in this space. What we put into it is what we get out of it.”

That it is, Loki. That it is. Watch this photographer shine brightly on this platform!

Loki Highlock