SurrealSerpentine’s creations are cinematic in their creative breadth. Deep, powerful, psychedelic: his visual style is mesmerizing. It belongs on the Big Screen.

“Growing up in a Muslim household, the idea of god/higher beings forged a strong curiosity about my existence, its key driving force behind my exploration of the unknown,” shares Surreal Serpentine. “My work expresses the dark and divine emotions within me and the experiences I’ve been through.”

Surreal is a Pakistani artist who’s grown up in England, another South Asian artist part of the ‘KULA’ collective. For the last three years, Surreal’s been creating all his work in a 3-part series. This makes his body of work one of a kind. His art continuously evolves, with different styles that he builds on.

His art will make you question your existence, transport you to a new world, deeply resonate with your emotions, and work that does all 3 in one plus more. This is the true magic of SurrealSerpentine.

He started creating digital art in 2017. His first mint was in 2020, when he first learned about the opportunities presented by web3 for artists and creators. “Since joining the NFT space, I’ve made many amazing friends who inspire me. This is undoubtedly my favourite era of my art career – and I wouldn’t be surprised if other artists feel the same.”

SurrealSerpentine is one of the big hitters in the NFT space, but it wasn’t always so, and he’s quick to offer advice to other artists and creators. “It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison and ask yourself, ‘why not me?’ when you see huge sales daily on the timeline, but you don’t see the years of hard work it took to get there. As the saying goes, it takes ten years to be an overnight success. Make sure you regulate your social media use, practice meditation, and go for long walks. All these things will relax your mind and help you focus on why you started this journey.”

Communities are essential to his art and his presence in the NFT space. Everything boils down to consistency, he believes. “Put your art out there. Interact with other artists. Create a conversation with other people. Be consistent with sharing your artwork and keep going; you’ll see how powerful that is.” Take a journey into his mind.