“I have been an artist since forever – art just kinda gravitated towards me.” Goliath shares that he always had a sketchbook with him. “Art is like an addiction for me.”

He recounts his artist roots: “I first started getting into art way back in kindergarten when a teacher of mine told my mother that I would be an amazing artist one day. Those words of encouragement – backed by my mother’s support – pushed me to focus on art ever since.”

Rasheed Metellus, a.k.a Goliath, describes his art as a mix of pop art and video game-influenced themes. And he found a community of like-minded people who appreciated his artwork and resonated with it.

“One of the aspects I appreciate about this space is the fact that there are no real middlemen between a collector and artist,” shares Goliath. “I’ve met my collectors; I’ve talked with my collectors – those genuine heart-to-heart moments. This space adds a layer of humanity to collecting and buying art. NFTs have changed my perspective and life – the people, the connections, other artists and the platform for artists are incredible.”

Goliath is outspoken on the value of community and networking in the space. “Those are important for artists to thrive in this space. I feel that many artists come into this space with the expectation that once they put something out there, it’s gonna pop off and they’re gonna make all this money, get accolades, and everything – without putting in the real work to network and build a community. As talented as you are, if you don’t have community backing, then what’s the point?”

His advice for artists looking to enter the NFT space? “Artists are naturally introverted, man. But you got to know how to present. I feel like it is an art form within itself – the marketing and presentation. If you can get your ideas across outside of the art itself, you’re gonna thrive in this space. There’s no reason why you should be just chilling in your corner; be out there in Twitter Spaces, talking and connecting. Use those elements to expedite the process and the growth.”

Goliath is the definition of a hard-working artist. On his art and his community. Props.