Parin Heidari


“Thanks to NFTs, I can realize my dreams as an artist.”

Parin Heidari’s minimalistic ‘one-line’ drawings tell important stories. She discovered her love for art when she was only 3 years old, sitting in front of her bedroom wall with a crayon in her hand. Instead of being disparaged, her parents were in awe, and her destiny as an artist was fortified.

A student of math and physics, Parin pulled multiple strings to attend art school instead of studying towards an engineering qualification. Despite enjoying a rewarding career as a graphic designer after graduating, Parin yearned for more. During a conversation with a former teacher, her interest in NFTs was piqued.

Since entering the NFT space in April 2021, Parin, who has been lauded for her work, has been featured on TIMEPieces Genesis Drop, Opensea, Known Origin, and X2Y2 frontpages and homepages.

Her genesis drop on Opensea, ‘Insomnia,‘ whispers of the negative feelings that overwhelm you just before you drift off to sleep. Among her most acclaimed works, ‘The Heart of the World‘ depicts what Parin yearns for more than anything: a world free of racism, borders, and war.

Fewocious (Victor Langlois) as my biggest inspiration: Fewocious’s incredible journey from overcoming obstacles to pursuing his dreams, regardless of his background, serves as an inspiration to all. His resilience and determination demonstrate that success knows no boundaries and that one can achieve greatness despite challenging circumstances. Fewocious’s story ignites hope and encourages individuals to embrace their own dreams, reminding them that with unwavering determination and a refusal to give up, anything is possible. He stands as a beacon of inspiration, urging everyone to conquer obstacles and create their own path to success.

Parin’s dreams are two-fold: to pursue a career in art and to change the world. She elaborates: “Thanks to NFTs, I can realize my dreams as an artist. I always wanted to do as much as possible for my country, Iran, as well. Once again, thanks to NFTs, I could help build a school and assist various charities.”

Faced with several obstacles, including sanctions that resulted in banned blockchain accounts, Parin’s resilience still reigns supreme. The ambidextrous artist rates Hamid Bahrami, Donald Drawbertson, Egon Schiele, and Shantell Martin among her biggest inspirations.

Parin Heidari