Rebecca Rose


“Rebecca pushes boundaries and believes artistic limitations only exist because it’s not been done yet, so be the first.”

Rebecca Rose is a collage artist who has revolutionized her craft, using digital solutions to tackle the challenges posed by the nature of her work for years. Starting in her youth with traditional analog collage, she quickly ventured into digital collage in 1998 during her BFA. She then pushed the boundaries further with experiential life-size walkthrough art installations using collage that were massive in size, around 30’ x 15’ x 8’.

However, Rebecca was not one to be limited by logistical difficulties in storing and moving these gigantic physical pieces. She began exploring new facets of collage, and started casting wearable, small sculptural collages that were shown in major art museums around the world, winning awards and grants from established art foundations.

But it was her digital solution to a problem faced by collectors of her pieces that truly set her apart. To enable people to try on her valuable artwork without risk, she created hologram versions of her sculptural collages. Enter her digital solution in the form of hologram versions of her collages. “I sent them a digital file and a quad-split holographic prism pyramid to pair with the JPEG and MP4. With these, they put their hand inside the pyramid and saw the collaged hologram on their body.”

With her finger firmly on the pulse of the art world, Rebecca became aware of NFTs and saw their potential as a natural progression in her larger body of collage work. In 2021, she began curating NFT exhibitions and realized that they opened up exciting possibilities for creating walkthrough installations, removing physical space and storage constraints.

Rebecca’s creative journey has been marked by a fearless pursuit of innovation and a deep connection to the NFT artist community. Her art is unforgettable, and she continues to inspire and challenge artists everywhere to be the first in their field. She finds the NFT artists and creators community invigorating and hungry to shape the future. “There were hundreds of us figuring out NFTs on Clubhouse together at the same time, and being part of that community was priceless. The traditional art collectors I’ve befriended over the past two decades are engaged in my career, but connections with collectors in the NFT space feel deeper and more personal.”

Rebecca believes artistic limitations exist because they haven’t been challenged yet, so be the first. Her focus now is creating 2D narrative collages in three dimensions, ushering the physical into the digital sphere and back to IRL again as walkthrough hologram art installations, which is, after all, where she started.

Rebecca Rose