The Friendly Neighborhood Art Guy

“The NFT space is a new pool of art enthusiasts who aim to help one another and grow together.”

Self-described as “your friendly neighborhood art guy,” IZA the Artist’s artwork evokes deep emotions through his signature flowers and heartfelt characters. His work is touching, emotional, and self-therapy. “I try to find things that express a mood in the way I want to display it,” IZA shares. “For example, if I’m feeling down, I might have a piece with a slouched guy and blue flowers.”

His inspiration? It comes from his grandfather. “My grandfather was an artist and would draw a lot of roses for my grandmother on birthday and anniversary cards. I used to copy those roses and tried to make my own versions of them, and I eventually kept doing flowers, and it stuck with me.”

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, IZA incorporates majestic colors to express the feelings and emotions he induces in day-to-day living. “I always start with body language. I think the body language of my characters speaks a lot, and then from there, I think about where I want to place the flowers. I always try to keep in mind what I do with my flowers.”

Before entering the world of NFTs, he began his journey into the creative world through galleries and exhibits. His art was exhibited in North Carolina, and Atlanta and art shows throughout Tampa, Florida.

It was a jump for IZA into web3 that exposed him to the limitless possibilities of the NFT world for creators and artists. Suddenly, he connected with like-minded individuals and collectors from all over the world. This would elevate his artistic career to new heights and become the catalyst for a full-time career in art.

Community and connectivity are just a few of the reasons why NFT art is changing the game for up-and-coming artists. IZA believes that the NFT space has transformed the art world. It has gone from one dealing with exclusive galleries and harsh commission fees to artists and creators being their own bosses. He shares: “The NFT space is a new pool of art enthusiasts who aim to help one another and grow together.”