Adventurous aka Queen

Adventurous aka Queen


“What artists need the most is somebody that believes in them and will support them.”

All digital roads lead to web3. That’s what Adventurous aka Queen reckons. This former finance manager found a new path in crypto and NFTs.

Passionate about cryptoart, Queen has done the sums and calculated the risks. She’s all in. “A couple of my cousins were talking about buying crypto, and I never really got into crypto. Sure, I heard everybody talk about it, but never really did anything with it until the summer of 2021 when I finally was intrigued enough to start investing in it,” she recalls.

Queen started following crypto traders on Twitter and came across NFTs. She eventually saw an NFT art piece that she liked enough to jump into the NFT pool to buy it. “I eventually found the glitch artists and the Basquiat style,” Queen says. The rest is history, as they say.

Like many in the NFT art space, Queen fell in love with the community element. She says, “I loved the energy of that community, and then all different creators started doing Basquiat-style works which led me to collecting from them, too.” Rabbit hole, meet Queen. Queen, meet rabbit hole. She’s not come out of it since.

She does not only collect from artists but also supports them where she can. She says she has helped artists: “If they have questions about pricing, or why their work isn’t selling, or answering questions like, ‘My piece doesn’t feel right, do you know what it is? What would you change?’”

That led to the formation of the Cryptoart Curation partnership between AdventurousTez and KdeAngelis16 as cryptoart collectors, aficionados, and artist consultants.

“What artists need the most is somebody that believes in them and will support them,” she shares. “That’s how you get to the top. It’s hard work and determination, and if you have somebody believing in you, you can go a long way.”

Cryptoart Curation takes that up a notch, too. It is a platform to curate and publish art. Full degen, Queen. We love it!

Adventurous aka Queen