Peyman Naderi

Leading Photography into the Future

“I’m an artist who works for art and it is important for me to raise the knowledge of people.”

“Forget selling; think more about presenting your art, and then you’ll see how collectors flock to your work.”

These are wise words from multiple award-winning fine art and portrait photographer Peyman Naderi. This Iranian artist believes that this art space is still so new that much of society still doesn’t know anything about it. “New ideas come in with new people,” Peyman shares. The potential of the NFT world is incredible, and Peyman cautions newbies to the space to be patient as the technology, broader acceptance and understanding, and digital art market evolve and matures.

“In my opinion, one of the biggest hurdles for mass adoption of NFTs and other web3 concepts is that many people still don’t accept it,” he says. “The biggest problem is the complete lack of trust of the world’s rich people in NFTs. However, I see the future of the NFT space as very clear.”

What drew him into the space was that there are no middlemen involved in transactions that allow him direct communication with collectors. “I’m an artist who works for art and it is important for me to raise the knowledge of people – I am fighting for this purpose, and, of course, I am trying to create a new genre in photography.”

It was by chance that Peyman entered the NFT world – and we’re grateful he has found it. He stumbled onto NFTs in 2021, and his mission has been to create a bigger platform for his artwork. He’s attended numerous NFT exhibitions, and he’s excited for his NFTs to be showcased in Manhattan in 2023.

His biggest influences are Leonardo da Vinci and the inspiring music of Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky.

Peyman has received several awards, including Second Place In Portrait in Fine Art Photography Awards 2020, Particular Merit Mention in All About Photo Awards 2020, Bronze in Fine Portrait and Other in One Eyeland Photography Awards 2019, 1st Place in Conceptual in Chromatic Awards 2019, 2nd Place in Fashion in Chromatic Awards 2019, Gold In Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 in Portfolio Category and Also Peyman has been chosen as a 100 Great Photographers of 2019.

His work has been published in international publications, including Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, and Peyman’s works have been exhibited in national and international venues In Ontario, 2019 CONTACT Photography Festival and in France, 2019 Voices Off, Galerie Des Arènes, La Art Show 2020, and Siena Awards Festival 2020. The reputable Sakura Gallery in Paris and Blinq Art in Sydney currently represent him.

Peyman Naderi