“Believe in yourself and accept the journey of growth and development as an artist.”

Monika is a German-born and raised artist who’s lived and worked abroad for the first ten years of her professional life. Her exposure to different cultures, languages, and surroundings has deeply influenced her art, which inspires her to this day. She shares: “The different cultures, languages, and surroundings inspired me, and I am still curious and open every day.”

Monika joined the NFT space in July 2021 after her husband invested in crypto. Before that, she had been creating art primarily for herself as an outlet for her emotions and thoughts – and something incredibly personal. “When traveling, I had stored away lots of artworks,” says Monika. “I was encouraged just to take the plunge with NFT art.”

The blockchain allowed her to share her art with the world, and she was greeted with overwhelming kindness and appreciation. With her experience on the blockchain now, Monika is quick to advise other artists considering joining the NFT space: “Before you start setting up your wallet: get a Ledger or similar hardware wallet via the official vendor website. You do not need to worry about connections, sales, or marketing when scammers get your funds. After that: enjoy the ride, try not to focus on sales too much (which is easier to say when NFTs are not your primary income, so ideally, have a Plan B, especially for bear markets), interact genuinely with others, and have fun. Collectors might watch you for months before making their first purchase, so be consistent and kind and create amazing art that knocks everyone out of their shoes!”

Monika admires artists in the web3 space for their emotional connection to the art and their genuine support for each other. Her experiences with collectors in the web3 space have been overwhelmingly positive, and she hopes to contribute to the growth of the space by educating people about security measures.

Monika is a passionate and talented artist who turns physical-based art into digital NFTs. All her works are initially physical pieces created on canvas or paper with acrylics, watercolors, oil chalks, or whatever seems suitable in the moment of creation. She paints what she feels in that particular moment. Every artwork is a piece of her soul. After that, the painting is digitalized and mildly adjusted for the proper on-screen experience before it turns into a beautiful and colorful NFT. She embraces the life-changing emotions of creating and sharing her art with the world. “Believe in yourself and accept the journey of growth and development as an artist.”

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