Creativity knows no borders nor boundaries. Unleashing creativity empowers the artist to explore and express themselves in new ways. For Filippo Scalisi, blending Western and Eastern aesthetics and themes into character art opened a world of inspiring artwork.

With a background as a tattoo artist and videographer in Genoa, Italy, Filippo finds drawing the strongest expression of creativity. This passion is easily seen in the serene artworks created.

Filippo is an Italian character artist and illustrator behind the massively popular Yurei: The Lost Spirit and Yurei: The Key (Phurba) collections. Inspired by the great Asian artists of bygone years and contemporary expressionists, Filippo taps into his Italian and Chinese heritage to create these beautiful artworks.

As a character artist, each character artwork can stand on its own for its artistic value. When considered as part of a collection, it gains more significance. That’s the beauty of NFTs, believes Filippo. “I love that variations of the same themes in NFTs can be viewed as artworks on their own and can be appreciated as such. Generative art can get artists to be spectators of their own since they can be surprised and amazed by new and amazing combinations they’ve never even imagined.”

The NFT space has enabled artists to better engage with their audiences. “NFTs are a new and amazing way for artists to make a living doing what they love,” said Filippo. “It also offers a lot of room for artistic expression, and it gives the possibility to explore a concept and expand it to the point that an artist might not have even considered before.”

The first collection, “Yurei: The Lost Spirit,” is a collection of 1,111 pieces inspired by Japanese folklore. It is part of a series of three collections. The second collection called “Yurei: The Key, Phurba” has begun and currently comprises 845 pieces – and growing. Collecting one from each collection will allow the holder to pass through “The Gate” to the third collection. Become absorbed in the spirit of the Yurei!