“The goal is to get rid of all the hurdles that keep artists from sharing their art.”

fxhash is an open platform for creators and collectors of generative art on the Tezos blockchain. Like never before, generative artists can mint code-based artworks with ease of access, which is unparalleled by other web platforms in web3.

At the helm of fxhash is Ciphrd, a generative artist and talented developer who saw a lack of open tools for artists to produce web-native generative art in a long-form fashion.

In November 2021, Ciphrd launched fxhash on the core philosophy of “no curation, open to everyone” — a driving tenant foundational to the platform’s operation and future. fxhash’s goal is to get rid of all the hurdles that keep artists from sharing their generative art.

A major source of inspiration for fxhash was Hic Et Nunc, a barebones art platform on Tezos that didn’t feature a curatorial element. For Ciphrd, this was a game changer: “When I first opened Hic et Nunc, something clicked. This was raw content, and you could join the party for little money.”

Whilst HEN supported outputs and single iterations of algorithmic art, it couldn’t support long-form generative art projects. Following in HENs footsteps, fxhash was designed with a similar ethos in mind: artists should be able to mint generative art freely, without the oversight and control of a central entity.

On top of creating an open generative art platform, the vision of a strong community was a top priority for Ciphrd.

“With fxhash, we want to build a platform and community that will last. And you can only do that if you grow naturally. In this part of the NFT space, we all come together because of the art, not because we want to drive up the prices on the floor.”

As for the platform’s future, the objectives remain the same: provide the best tools to create and collect generative art. Ciphrd states, “our goal is to eliminate the barriers that keep artists from posting their work. These include technical problems and issues with how some spaces are curated to keep people out. Instead, fxhash is made so that anyone can join. These parts make the platform. For growth, the community needs to have tools that are as open and clear as possible.”

Today, fxhash is the largest repository for generative art in history, with over 1.5m unique iterations from over 25,000 generators.

Ethereal Microcosm #249 by Ciphrd
#82 by Ciphrd
RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #1 by Ciphrd