Dangiuz | Leopoldo D’Angelo


“The market is changing. What I love is that NFT technology allows us to democratize art. Five years ago, digital artists were considered purely for someone else’s project. Now the artist can pursue creative freedom and make whatever they want and see and be appreciated for that.”

Starting in Microsoft Paint, Dangiuz’s deep love for digital art saw him pursue a career in graphic design. He gained a Diploma in graphic design, and in 2017 he discovered 3d and began working with musicians and DJs on Instagram, while showcasing his own artworks on social media and his website.

Nifty Gateway approached Dangiuz in 2020 to join the platform – something rare in the space. He instantly liked the idea, being familiar with Bitcoin since 2014. Nifty Gateway was interested in editions and large drops, so Dangiuz minted his first piece and one of his most famous artworks, ‘Grand Challenge,’ on SuperRare.

Dangiuz’s style was influenced by VaporWave and retro arcade artwork, with “very low-chill” pink and purple tones. After about a year, his style became grittier and darker; “sad, dystopian” and more cyberpunk. Dangiuz’s color palette represents different sides of his world – orange and yellow depict “the poorer side of the city” and the countryside. Blue teal shows the advancement of technology and metropolises. While he creates an aesthetic that people are drawn to, Dangiuz is aware that his futuristic world is devoid of any nature.

The characters that he creates are small compared to the rest of the artwork. “You focus on them, you root for them.” He describes his work as romantic cyberpunk and leaves easter eggs in his art pieces to tell the story of his characters.

Dangiuz also minted on OpenSea and participated in joint projects for charity. He collaborated with Christie’s and donated the proceeds to the Mind and Future Dreams organizations. He worked with Darius from BakaArts on a Save The Planet initiative, and with Italian painter Giovanni Motta; “artists that share the same ethos.” Dangiuz has been featured at Art Basel Miami, Arte Tracks, Crypto Art Fair, Milano Art Week, NFT NYC, Museo della Permanente, and in Corriere della Sera and Juxtapoz Magazine.

Dangiuz has a good relationship with his collectors and recently did a drop of 3 artworks with an edition of 20 each on Nifty Gateway. He is an artist on AOTM Gallery. “It’s absolutely a pleasure and an honor for me to be involved with all these amazing creators.”

Dangiuz | Leopoldo D’Angelo