Eternal Pepe


“Before NFTs, I wasn’t collecting artists’ work, and when it could be on your computer or in your wallet, I was all in.”

A New York City resident since 2008, Will Holden is an Emmy-winning TV editor, art collector, creative, and crypto trader. Having worked in television for 15 years and counting, he’s always been exposed to incredible creative talents.

“When I was living in Brooklyn, a lot of my friends would hang out at the local art gallery, specifically Greenpoint Gallery. So, I used to be around artists a lot. I got into crypto in 2017, and when the NFTs came about, that was when art and crypto came together. I got bit by the NFT bug,” he explains.

In the television world, he is known as Will Holden; in the NFT space, he goes by the name Eternal Pepe. His discovery of NFTs came at a time when he was frequently moving around New York, meaning the blockchain presented him with the best of both worlds – the ability to pack light while collecting beautiful art.

“Before NFTs, I wasn’t collecting artists’ work, and when it could be on your computer or in your wallet, I was all in.”

As he entered the NFT space, he began discovering the wonderful qualities of web3 – community, equality, and a world where collectors and artists aren’t divided by their bank accounts. “There’s a lot of good things that come with the space,” he shares. “Being able to show off your collection and show people the art you’ve collected is very important. It’s also supporting artists.”

The decentralized nature of NFTs offers a lifeline for artists who rising costs, exclusivity, and gallery cuts have suppressed. The world of web3 is letting creativity be the prime driver for economic value. In this digital society, your creative limits are only your imagination. “This is a big moment in history; I want to be a part of history. That’s why I’m working a lot with local artists,” he says.

As bold a collector and curator as Eternal Pepe is, he’s also a damn good creator, too. He hosted one of the biggest events on NFT NYC 2023, The Canal Street show. And be sure to walk around his virtual world, ‘The Pepe Undeground.’ Or witness the stunning ‘Eternal Flame,’ a piece that symbolizes the fire of the communal soul in people and culture.

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