Fernanda Boccard


Fernanda Boccard is seriously cool without even trying to be. And that makes her even more so. This Argentinean female artist found NFTs to mix art, characters, personalities, and storytelling totally differently. She’s not only incredibly talented with her quirky and vibrant hand-drawn NFT artworks, but she’s an outspoken advocate and female disruptor educating women on Web 3.0, the Metaverse, and digital assets. She is a rising star in the Metaverse: Fernanda is marking this space for women to explore, enjoy, and earn.

She’s not actually a digital artist per se; she prefers painting and drawing. Nor is she much of a tech-maven. New to the space and with the technology, but with a creative spirit and artistic abilities, she studied NFTs just as intensely as she would for a new role and character in acting. Her approach to art is storytelling. Fernanda’s work experience is in film and television. She moved from Argentina to Mexico to further her career, but June 2021 saw those ambitions interrupted by the magnetism of NFTs and Web 3.0.

The Serious and Cool People collection comprises 111 hand-drawn avatars, each unique and unrepeatable – not only in design but also in individuality. Her characters have names and carry backstories. They’re not just colourful and charismatic: they have rich personalities. Some are funny and witty, while others are downright bitchy. They’re all serious and cool people, though – they just happen to exist in the digital space.

We all know the essence of NFTs and Web 3.0 lies in communities. A community isn’t created and nurtured for sales; its purpose is to be a place where people connect, explore, and share. This community Fernanda has built has enabled her to create a sustainable space for herself as a dedicated NFT artist and a haven for like-minded people. “NFTs have given people the ability to belong to a new tribe, a fun tribe,” said Fernanda. “And that’s where people gravitate towards.”

The next phase for Fernanda and her captivating collections is exciting: she’s busy creating an even more extensive second collection. It will be a generative collection that will push forward new ideas for the user experience of NFT collectors.

Fernanda Boccard