“No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always been passionate about helping women and girls and creating media that inspires people.”

A hard truth that lingers from industry to industry is the fact that still today there is a stronghold on profits, decisions, and policies by a select few at the top, often not representing half of our world. Around the world, there is an overwhelming unbalance between male and female-run organizations and decision-making power. The world of NFTs hopes to present a fresh start – a catalyst for shifting this narrative.

Today, we see online communities where people of all ethnicities, ages and genders mingle and create magic; because ‘wallets have no gender, no race, no ethnicity.’ But this is no easy feat: individuals must guide this process and amplify awareness.

Enter Cynthia Hass, the Director of the World of Women Foundation (WoW), and someone who comes with many accolades and society-benefiting accomplishments. “I’ve always wanted to be in places or roles where I could help the most amount of people as possible and create things that motivate and inspire us,” she explains.

Along her empowering journey, she earned an MBA from the prestigious Oxford University and has been widely recognized for her philanthropic energy, even receiving an MTV Changemaker award. She’s also been influential in political campaigns for US President Joe Biden and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cynthia was also the COO of the GimmeMo Foundation, which boasts operations in 24 countries. Now, her focus is on web3 and the endless opportunities it provides to rewrite the rules for the future.

Her transition into web3 happened on the backend of her consultancy for web2 businesses, where she focused on ‘building courses and communities of women.’ However, before shifting to web3, she had to put the time in. “I got into web3 by googling everything I could,” she recalls. “In 2022, my goal was to spend one hour a day learning about web3. Even if I wasn’t feeling well, I’d do just one hour; it helped me stick to my goal.”

From there, she brought her skills to the World of Women. It’s mission? “Our mission is to bring more women into web3 and create a more inclusive and diverse web3. We give back but our hope is through our products, like our web3 digital guide, our art, and our community, we’re able to uplift the most about of people and help more and more underrepresented groups get into tech.”

Intending to bridge the gap between females and technology, Cynthia has collaborated with the likes of Google, Dell, and Microsoft. Regarding the World of Women, she has been at the forefront of their women’s initiatives, from the Let’s Mint program, which aims to get 50,000 girls into web3, to overseeing Sandbox’s $25 million donation towards education and giving. “No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always been passionate about helping women and girls and creating things that inspire people.” It’s what I hope to do at World of Women and throughout my career.