“It only takes a handful of dedicated collectors to change an artist’s life!”

Mel is a trusted strategic advisor to larger brands entering the crypto ecosystem. Her clients include Time, Nike, Rug Radio & Autograph, working with them to build the right tokenomics structure for their long-term projects.

An early adopter, Mel was around at the start of the art movement and has had the privilege of witnessing many artists enjoying their newfound creative freedom while gaining financial security because of it.

She endeavors to help build solutions that will significantly grow the ecosystem. When it is too small, the pool of art collectors is also too small, resulting in limited opportunities for artists and creators.

She elaborates: “Ultimately, it’s a numbers game: the more people in the space, the bigger the overall audience paying attention to art, the more likely a creator will be able to find an audience that is right for them. It only takes a handful of dedicated collectors to change an artist’s life!”

The first NFT she ever collected was the Uniswap Unisocks, which was the first NFT on a bonding curve. Since then, she has been fortunate to be able to work with engineers to progress the NFT technical standards forward. “The better and more dynamic the smart contracts are, the more creativity we will see from artists taking the technology and using it as a tool, like a new form of paint; it becomes part of the art itself,” remarked Mel.

Mel does not employ a complicated strategy when collecting art. She simply buys pieces she wants to see on the walls of her house every day. If art makes her feel something, chances are she’ll buy it.

Her advice to new collectors in the space is also simple: “Buy what you love and be really kind to the creators; if they are here, they are already taking great creative risk.”

There is a lot of speculation regarding the prevalence and relevance of web3 native gallery experiences in the future. Mel shares her views: “I think that all depends on the artist. Crypto isn’t a replacement for the traditional art experience; it’s an addition to it. If an artist’s work is about real-life immersion, crypto shouldn’t change that.”

Mel’s focus is on helping grow the foundation of the space by building better onboarding experiences and ushering in trusted brands so crypto and NFTs can become formidable mainstream technology for all creators to have more access, independence, and ownership.