Josh Savage

NFTs Saved the Music Star

Josh Savage has been a musician since the age of four. He’s one of music NFT’s OGs.

“I studied a classical music degree and decided I’d take a gap year to travel the world pursuing my dream of making music,” shares Josh. “And I’ve been on that gap year for a decade now.”

He’s performed over 700 shows across four continents. “Music is a priority to me. NFTs allow me to pursue my dreams. The music industry is so competitive that I have to be one step ahead of everyone else, so I think out of the box and continually push my boundaries.”

His passion for NFTs goes to a deeper level than that, actually. When asked about his connection with the community and fans, he explained how NFTs enable him to reach his audience in ways the music industry is still years behind. “I want to be close to my fans and NFTs allow that in incredible ways with gated access, VIP tickets, and more. Music is itself a utility. But, I can use NFTs as a digital collectible and reward my super fans who invest in me so I can keep growing my career.”

Josh Savage