Mahima Chaudhury is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, United Kingdom. This British South Asian artist is renowned for her delicate and personal artworks.

“Community is a huge part of all this,” explains Mahima. “Community is what got me and the majority of other artists into this space. About three years ago, I got into NFTs through a fellow artist. I never thought to share my doodles and drawings before, but he insisted I should. So, I started posting to Twitter, some went viral, and I built a following quickly. Some musicians commissioned me to help them with art; it was just as the NFT space began growing. My peers and followers steered me towards NFTs – and the rest is history, as they say.”

When she released her first collection, Body Language (2021), it sold out in 4 minutes. Body Language (2021) is a collection on OpenSea of artworks that typify her expression and passion. These artworks communicate anatomical expression through shadow work and movement. Fluid shapes and earthy hues are woven together to form a collection of abstract artworks representing emotions she experienced during 2021.

Her art toes the line between illustrative realism and abstract surrealism and embodies euphoric surrealism. Her artworks have been exhibited in galleries and in Times Square, New York City.

“I’m full web3 now; I do believe it is the future. It has taken over my life.” Mahima’s worked for Reality Plus, where she served as NFT Art Manager. That experience benefitted her and her understanding of the corporate environment when dealing with web3.

Her invaluable advice for newbie artists is to learn to market yourself correctly. “You can be extremely talented at what you do, but if you can’t get enough people to see what you’re doing, then it’s not going to be relevant, or you’re not going to be able to make any profitable gains. That doesn’t mean sell out necessarily; you just need to be exposed to the right people. That’s where community comes in. To thrive, you need to socialize with the community and integrate into it.”

Mahima is a poster of a thriving artist – and incredibly deserved, too.

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