Nostalgic Scarlett


“I think every human should actually collaborate with AI: for me, I see it as a natural path of our evolution.”

“Surrealism, weirdness, sensuality: I’ll turn your perception of art upside down – and you will love it.”

That’s how Nostalgic Scarlett describes her artwork and her community. This freespirited painter and digital artist creates vivid, dream-like artworks. Web3 and blockchain technology inspire her. She shares: “I’m drawn to the decentralization of web3. The concept of freedom flows throughout web3. The most important aspect of my participation in web3 is my love for freedom. This technology gives me that freedom in creation.”

Nostalgic Scarlett graduated from art school, but her love for art was formed during her childhood. She says that most of her family are artists, musicians, and creatives. Following a creative career was a natural path.

However, she only discovered NFTs through her work. She worked as a product designer and UX designer, and her last formal job was as chief product officer for a tech startup. After researching NFTs, she couldn’t resist the freedom it promised – and quit her job to devote her time and effort to NFTs, building a community, and growing as an artist.

Her artworks range from one-of-one paintings to digital art pieces created with 3d programs like Cinema 4d, and uses Adobe Photoshop and Procreate in her workflow – and the occasional input from AI. She draws her artistic energy from nature and music, with her emotions and attitudes adding to her expression. She explains: “I have no real art process: when I am inspired, it is a messy business, just as with my relationships in real life. Passionate, emotional, and bold.”

Unlike many artists and creatives, Nostalgic Scarlett embraces AI as a tool for her outputs. “I use AI sometimes for some elements, but most of my work is created in 3d with Procreate and Photoshop. I’m not scared of AI. I think every human should actually collaborate with AI: for me, I see it as a natural path of our evolution. In art, web3 connects art with technology. And AI is part of that.”

Nostalgic Scarlett’s artwork on SuperRare and Foundation are intense expressions of her creativity – and we’re here for more of that.

Nostalgic Scarlett