“An NFT artist helps other artists by trying to grow the whole movement.”

“I have been making art for as long as I can remember, but only three years ago was I able to devote myself 100% to my art career.” That’s the web3 story for many NFT and digital artists. Yet, Verona, Italy-based Giovanni Motta has stood out from the rest with his incredible hyper-realistic acrylic pairing and digital animations.

Motta first became interested in the NFT space in March 2020, after reading an article about the technology and meeting artist Hackatao, who helped him understand the potential of NFTs for digital artists. Motta has since become a prominent figure in the cryptoart scene, having participated in the first museum exhibition of Italian cryptoart at the PERMANENT Museum in Milan.

Motta’s artistic influences include Japanese anime and manga, as well as the works of Egon Schiele and Marcel Proust. His creative process is intense: “I am a painter, I make acrylic paintings in a hyper-realistic style, and I am passionate about digital animation. Straddling these two worlds puts me in a special position. First I design my works on the computer, I decide in advance whether to make an NFT or a painting. If I decide to make a painting, I use the image created on the computer and transfer it to the canvas by drawing it and then paint it. If I decide to make an NFT work, I prepare the design entirely, in every detail and then study the animation.”

The Italian artist has a positive relationship with his collectors, whom he describes as passionate and interested in delving deeper into his research on the theme of rediscovering the inner child. As a collector himself, Motta primarily collects works by artist friends to support their work and build a supportive community.

The NFT space has taught Motta a great deal about himself, art, and life. He shares: “The decentralized and anarchic world of NFT art made me realize the immense value of freedom. The classical art world is a system that exploits the artist and forces him or her into frustration and huge compromises that often compromise the quality of his or her work. I learned to understand the immense value of a supportive community with which I engage daily on social media. An NFT artist helps other artists by trying to grow the whole movement.”