“When we all look back on this a decade from now, we’ll realize just how lucky we were”

“I’ve been in web3 since late 2019, early 2020, and I don’t really plan on going anywhere.”

As one of the NFT space’s earliest users to navigate the scene, Sniper’s journey to becoming a collector, creator, and ambassador was influenced by the community culture and an endless array of opportunities within web3.

Sniper became fascinated by the connectivity you access via Web3 – it goes beyond your nation’s borders and often blossoms in friendships around the world. “One of the most fulfilling parts of Web3 is getting the chance to connect with people you never thought was possible. A surreal moment for me was meeting Efdot, who is a great friend now. I had always seen his art well before I got into web3, so to meet him here and cross paths was awesome.”

Having collected Pokémon Cards, shoes, magazines, and everything else he could get his hands on, the ability to collect digital art was a natural progression for Sniper. “I’ve been a collector of many things and still am today,” he says. “I would say it’s just who I am.”

From there, it wasn’t long before he discovered the creative communities and inspirational figures intertwined with the NFT sphere. As Sniper started to unravel the empowering and decentralized nature of the NFT world, he wanted to contribute to a digital platform that could revolutionize society in ways many cannot yet comprehend.

“My dream is to see this space evolve into something that everyone can be proud of,” he smiles. “I would love to see more artists get spread throughout the world that never had access before, and it’s a revolutionary time for technology, too.”

Deciding on ways to add value to the blockchain, Sniper created his podcast, ‘Sit Down with Sniper.’ “My whole goal with it is to bring on a creator every week, speak about their journey, and learn more about the space overall. I try to use my platform to uplift and teach others.”

He adds: “I’m a minimalist artist inspired by greats, such as Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, and others. I like to express myself through colors and shapes.” Dive into his artwork for a mesmerizing journey!

It has become his outlet to preach about the unfathomable possibilities and positive changes blockchain technology can bring to the world. It can address and revamp society from the privacy of individuals’ data and instantaneous payments from anywhere in the world to full-financial transparency and a decentralized platform that presents a new world order of giving power back to the masses rather than the elites.