“NFTs are going to impact and reflect all of human psychology and human behavior.”

As co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of nft now, Matt Medved is passionate about pioneering the mass adoption of NFTs. When something seems complex, few want to listen, and even fewer have the finesse and media-savviness needed to demystify new technology as Matt.

Unlike most blockchain advocates, he didn’t enter the sphere with a background in technology. In fact, he is rooted in journalism and music. Along the way, he founded Billboard Dance, ran SPIN magazine as editor-in-chief, and held the role of SVP of Content at Modern Luxury. “Storytelling has always been one of my great loves,” he shares. NFTs might just be the most extraordinary story!

Matt Medved – Photo by Dave Krugman

Serendipitously, his transition to creating prosperity within web3 is a beautiful example of someone understanding the full capabilities that lie within. “I started doing some coverage on the intersection of blockchain and music and became really focused on how this technology can empower artists because the music industry model was broken and exploitative,” he remembers. “I think NFTs are that missing puzzle piece, but it didn’t seem like many would listen in the industry. So, I spoke to 3LAU and said, ‘I understood what an NFT is. What I need to understand is why you’re so passionate about them.’ And I remember having this two-hour phone call with him where every light bulb went off in my head, and I was like, ‘This is the technology that I believed in for a very long time finally disrupting the fields I’m actually passionate about in a way that can empower creators.’”

We live in a world where intricacy scares people from wanting to learn. The humor behind this is that the formula of web3 is simple and transparent – complex words and cryptocurrencies just disguise it. Currently, it’s on the trajectory of elevating creators and developing a platform where they have ownership of their work while facilitating the growth of inclusive communities. Sadly, not enough people know about this yet.

NFT100 Beeple Drift Diana Sinclair

In a bid to change the narrative around NFTs and attract the masses, Matt co-founded nft now, an award-winning web3 digital media platform building the future of tokenized media. “Our mission is to empower the creators of culture and to take this technology from niche to mainstream. We believe that this technology will redefine how creators and their communities create and share value across every discipline.” He further adds that, “NFTs are going to impact and reflect all of human psychology and human behavior.”

This fact is true that if you go beyond the complexities and technical jargon, you’ll see something pure, something that society hasn’t been presented with for centuries: full autonomy over their creations and a life where traditional hierarchies don’t have the last say.

In March, nft now took a major step towards building the future of tokenized media with the successful launch of the Now Pass, the NFT access pass to the Now Network, which sold out in less than 48 hours.