VOGUE Singapore’s September 2021 issue made history by offering readers the choice of two virtual-only covers. This not only marked a major milestone for VOGUE in the publishing industry but also propelled the talented Shavonne Wong into the digital future. It’s safe to say that describing this moment and the cover itself as groundbreaking is an understatement.

The cover, titled “The RenaiXance Rising,” is a programmable NFT that features a stunning 3D virtual model whose outfit was designed by the digital fashion house, The Fabricant. The model’s posture and the scene’s lighting change dynamically based on the live time of the device from which it is being viewed.

Shavonne Wong, a highly respected fashion photographer based in Singapore, made a remarkable pivot to 3D modeling when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and she found herself without any models to photograph. Her goal was to create realistic virtual models and futureproof her career by offering her commercial clients virtual models.

In order to get her clients interested, she had to create proof of concepts that showcased the potential of virtual models. Through her experimentation with lighting and scenarios, she discovered that she was creating art.

Her husband introduced her to NFTs, and she quickly realized that her virtual models and art would be a perfect fit. She embraced the freedom and control that NFTs provided, creating unique artworks that have been exhibited in prestigious galleries like the Venice Biennale and sold at Sotheby’s.

Her “Love is Love” project, a reflection on love and identity, sold out within an hour, demonstrating the tremendous demand for her innovative and forward-thinking work. Shavonne Wong is undoubtedly a trailblazer in the digital art space, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.