“I want to ensure that we develop the right infrastructure capabilities that scale at the rate and pace of NFT growth.”

Bharat Krymo, who describes himself as a decentralization maxi, angel investor, and JPEG connoisseur, is the Head of Strategy and Growth at Oncyber and GP at 6529 Capital. He entered the web3 space in 2013 and started out with Bitcoin. However, he dove in head-first in 2016, thanks to the advances in technology, smart contracts, and Ethereum. “It was a catalyzing event for me to understand the tech. But the idea and the application of the technology really got me excited. I’m a technologist by trade, so that pulled me in but it was the use cases and application of the tech that really sucked me into the space,” shares Bharat.

Bharat first got involved with NFTs in 2018, and similarly with DeFi, it sucked him in as well. He says: “The idea of low inertia and the ability to be able to digitally transact without a middleman and be able to look at composable services from a banking perspective, done completely decentralized, was an aha moment.”

This led Bharat to become an early investor in 6529 Holdings and later a GP in 6529 Capital. 6529 Capital is one of the largest crypto-native investment funds in the space. Its goal is to collect the grail works across 1:1 art, generative and other collections while supporting decentralization and NFT-native values. Bharat is also the Head of Growth and Strategy at Oncyber. Oncyber is a decentralized Metaverse platform. It provides fully immersive virtual worlds that allow users to create, explore, and interact with a wide range of digital objects, from art to avatars to virtual real estate. The platform is designed to be open and accessible, allowing anyone to join and create their own unique experiences in the Metaverse from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

“We want to ensure that we preserve and develop open standards and infrastructure capabilities to scale and support the next 100M+ users in web3,” Bharat says.

For Bharat, the future is an open, decentralized Metaverse activated by culture and powered by community!