Vinnie Hager


“Discovering NFT’s allowed me to discover new artists and other creative works. The technology allowed me to collect and support their artwork in a fresh way that I hadn’t experienced before.”

Shapes. Lines. Characters. Symbols. Vinnie Hager creates his own iconography. He’s an internationally acclaimed artist and designer shaping the NFT space.

Vinnie lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, and has exhibited his work in group shows at Artspace Gallery (Richmond, VA), Washington County Museum of Fine Art (Hagerstown, MD), Circle Gallery (Annapolis, MD), Terrault Gallery (Baltimore, MD), and has been featured in TIME’s ‘TIMEpieces’ showcase.

He received his Associate’s Degree in Visual Design from Anne Arundel Community College in 2016 and has since studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore for his Bachelor’s Degree in General Fine Arts with a Curatorial Studies minor.

Vinnie describes his artwork: “My work is based on drawing. The elements that I employ in my drawings are made up of lines, shapes, characters, and symbols that connect through form and structure, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. This way of drawing allows me to generate my own iconography that ranges from the recognizable, like envelopes, flowers, eyes, and stars, to the abstract and the gestural. By combining my iconography this way my work becomes a cleverly harnessed motif which then I vary by scale, intricacy, and repetition. I adapt this motif to objects that veer from the traditional paper and canvas and into the ready-made space of home decor, wearables, and the utilized. My iconography and patterning engage not only in these analogue materials but further explore digital applications and new technologies.”

He views the NFT space not as defining art but as a new medium for artists to explore. Vinnie shares: “In my art career, I have always given everything a chance. Don’t say yes or no right off the bat. I take my time to research, ask questions, listen and get inspired by what people are doing. I always think about how my artwork can move through a new medium and fit into that medium. It’s all about exploration and research.”

What is his understanding of success in web3? He believes that ‘community’ is a buzzword thrown about too often by everyone, but it is essential. “It is imperative to talk to people naturally and sincerely about like-minded ideas, discuss things you want to build and create, and be honest and open. It is the inspiration to continue in this space and as an artist. You must surround yourself with supporters and friends.”

Vinnie Hager