“My number one rule is simply to love one another, and I try to bring that vibe into my work and my interactions on Twitter.”

Apocalypse creates thought-provoking works in both physical and digital media.

Skeletons, the part of us that survives death, are a prominent feature in his work. To him, they also represent the spirit, which also survives death, knowing that this isn’t something people readily talk about.

Apocalypse draws inspiration from an eclectic range of artists. He muses: “I want my work to have the energy of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the beauty of Cy Twombly, the abundance of Picasso, the edge of Francis Bacon, the content of Joseph Beuys, the gentleness of Rembrandt, and the unbridled joy of Hilma af Klint.”

It took Apocalypse over three decades to forge his own creative voice and vision. It wasn’t until 2018 that he decided to leave his former career and find a way to share his art with the world.

As both a physical and digital artist, Apocalypse wishes he had stumbled upon the NFT space earlier. His acclaimed premier collection, the Meetings, was released between 2021 and 2023 and represents “beings that live between worlds” as an allegory for his spiritual and life path. His other collections include InSights, Art Cards, and InFlux, the latter beginning release this year.

As a collector, Apocalypse hopes to acquire some XCOPYs and a Punk one day, but for now, he collects artworks from friends and artists he admires, looking for originality, resonance, truth, boldness, beauty, and humor.

Apocalypse lives and creates by two simple rules: “My number one rule is simply to love one another, and I try to bring that vibe into my work and my interactions on Twitter. My number two rule is also to love myself – not to be so hard on myself, to live with joy and without fear, and to grow as a person in service to others.”

Raised in Texas and residing in California for the last 25 years, Apocalypse is proud of his Texan ‘can-do’ attitude and loves the beaches, mountains, and skate-punk culture of the Golden State. But he considers himself, above all, a global citizen and a contributor to global culture.