“I’m confident in my art skills, and I’m happiest creating art; that is my purpose.”

“Creating art is the perfect way to express myself.” Camibus is an NFT artist that lives in Transylvania, Romania. Yes, really. Art is a way of life for her, and from age 20, she pursued a career as a visual artist. She’s an incredibly talented individual, an etherealist at heart. She’s renowned for her dynamic art that changes based on the time of the day and the surreal worlds created that Dali-esque figures inhabit. Truly mind-blowing!

However, art wasn’t her first creative outlet. That was music. “When I was a kid, I was into music, and I started playing guitar when I was 10,” she remembers. “At 14, I started playing in different bands, and when I was around 19, I got into a really cool band where one of the band members was an artist. This band member’s day job was drawing cats. I thought that was the coolest job ever. Growing up, I dreaded having a job I didn’t like. And a job in the arts was the most amazing way to live your life to me.”

That was the spark she needed to jump into art. Her first job was at an animation studio. And, she’s drawn for over 12 years – and never looking back. She shares: “I’m confident in my art skills, and I’m happiest creating art; that is my purpose.”

It’s plain to see that Dali and the surrealist movement heavily influence Camibus’ art and creativity. She found her artistic voice when she started drawing the human figure and combined it with surrealism. Her art now depicts human-like figures in ethereal landscapes. She breathes new life into this art form. “I knew I wanted to do something related to surrealism because I always found it so fascinating to be able to express hidden thoughts and associations in our brains through art.”

Camibus loves the NFT space but believes some issues hold its full potential back. “I think the first thing we must fix is how the mainstream media sees NFTs. So, when I talk to people, I just try to explain how mind-blowing it is that we can have a digital culture now we can create digital art.”

Stay tuned for more collections and one-of-one artworks from this incredible creator!