“I just love NFTs; it’s one of the few things I really believe in my life.”

Few people are as invested – partly in the financial sense but mainly in the emotional sense – in NFTs and crypto as Giannis Sourdis.

“I just love NFTs; it’s one of the few things I really believe in my life,” he shares. “First, it was Bitcoin and crypto, now it’s NFTs. It means way more than just to make money.”

His commitment to NFTs extends to an evangelical desire to spread the word. He gifts NFTs to people and encourages them to get into it by helping them to set up their wallets. This year, he’s trying to create a community and will be launching some free NFTs for his upcoming project, Couch Heroes, hoping to convert more people to NFTs.

But Giannis wasn’t always as sold as he is now. He heard about blockchain in 2011 and thought Bitcoin was a scam. Then, with time on his hands in 2017 during military service in Greece, serving in the navy, he got into it, began investing, and made his first steps towards financial independence. In early 2018, he began looking into NFTs and was captivated by their potential in gaming. The first NFTs that he collected were ‘Gods Unchained’ cards.

After taking some time off crypto during 2019, he became interested in art-related NFTs late in 2020 during DeFi summer after stumbling across Rarible. He began collecting memes and Pepe-related pieces and has amassed quite a collection. Wanting to display his artworks, Giannis founded the Museum of NFT Art and Narcissus Gallery. After talking with his friend, Akira, he began minting curated Artblocks (like Squiggles and Ringers) and focusing more on generative art. He found NFTs to be the perfect medium for generative artists to properly monetize their work and unleash their creativity in previously impossible ways.

On the art itself, he believes that despite the trend towards curated marketplaces, there is really no barrier to entry into the NFT art world. “Anyone can mint on the blockchain. Either through an open marketplace or through setting up their own contracts. Artists can do their own marketing and sell their creations.”

And talking of hot property, did we mention that Giannis has FVCKRENDER’s genesis piece?

Look no further than Giannis’ example if you’re wondering where to invest your next crypto dollar.

Ink Plots 02 – Kinetic by Matt DesLauriers
Garden, Monoliths #253 by Zancan
Chromie Squiggle #3286 by Snowfro