Jenni Pasanen


“I fell in love with AI when I discovered its endless possibilities.”

Jenni Pasanen’s ethereal creations are a combination of her own artistic flair and AI ingenuity. Art played an important role all her life, with Jenni always turning to it as a form of self-expression.

First hearing about NFTs in 2021, the space allowed Jenni to pursue her passion and share her art with a new audience. Jenni is grateful that she can make a living while doing what she loves most – creating art.

Jenni makes no secret of the fact that she embraces AI and is excited about everything it can do. “I fell in love with AI when I discovered its endless possibilities,” she enthuses. “It provides what has been missing from my artwork all along. It really is a valuable tool and provides me with a lot of inspiration for my art.”

Although she is more of a creator than a collector, Jenni gravitates toward fine art pieces. She also holds on to everything she buys, valuing the effort that goes into creating each piece.

Some of the most sought-after NFTs are the result of collaborations. Jenni approaches her collaborations with casual comfort and isn’t fastidious about whom she collaborates with. When there’s a great connection, and the vibe of both parties matches, a wonderful collaboration is possible.

Does Jenni think there will be a mass web3 onboarding by traditional artists? “I do think more traditional artists will enter the space,” she says. “I think everything might be a bit confusing to some people, but once they get the hang of crypto and NFTs, they will come.”

She has been creating art in all forms all her life, last 15 years painting digitally. After graduation, Jenni worked in a branding and marketing agency as an animator, designer, and brand designer. It has always been her dream to become a full-time artist, and she counts herself as extremely blessed that her dream has come true.

Jenni Pasanen