Resul Ertas

Resul Ertas has been drawing since he was five years old. Art has played a major role in his life and its direction. NFTs have opened up a whole new world of opportunities – and the NFT space has enthusiastically welcomed his drops.

His first NFT collection – ‘Crazy Kids of the Renaissance’ – sold out nearly immediately. He’s now drawing a new collection called ‘The Kids of Love.’

He describes his art: “I redraw famous paintings from art’s history.” This Turkish artist has drawn cartoons and comics, illustrated children’s books, and created a drawing guide for kids. Living in Istanbul, Turkey, has influenced his artwork and his approach. “There is a very rich culture of humor and cartoons in Turkey. I started drawing cartoons for magazines, and I’ve been influenced by them ever since. My artistic influences include Van Gogh, Hopper, Magritte, Fragonard, and more.”

He started his NFT journey in late 2021 upon learning about NFTs and the incredible opportunities presented by web3. Resul immediately started drawing the first of his ‘Crazy Kids of the Renaissance,’ a collection of 53 unique digital artworks. Each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked and impeccably shaped. From hand-drawn images, they are then digitized.

His second collection, ‘The Kids of Love,’ is a mission to redraw the most famous love paintings in art history. These are hand-drawn and then rendered in 3d. They share the same artistic style as his sold-out collection and are instantly recognizable as his creations.

He offers words of advice to artists looking to join the NFT space: “Be patient. An NFT artist must do his best and respect their art and artwork. There is a responsibility on the artist. The best part of the NFT community is the feeling of cooperation and solidarity. You too can have an amazing journey.”

Resul Ertas