“JakNFT is more than just an NFT artist; he is the heart and soul of the NFT space.”

“Art, the Frens, the Freedom, the Mfers and the Memes” – JakNFT is an NFT artist like no other and has captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts with his unique personality, style, and approach to creating art. JakNFT found his true calling in the crypto art space and has since become a force to be reckoned with.

From his early days of collecting cryptoart, to creating the first PFP-style glitch collection, “HOODIES,” and collaborating with fellow artists like Hiroji Kotegawa, Michael Hafftka and Gary Vee, JakNFT has left a lasting impression on the NFT space. He has created significant collections such as ARTBOT, static, KINGDOM, OGs and NGS, and contributed to major projects such as VeeFriends 2, The Memes by 6529 and Fake Rare Pepes.

JakNFT’s artistic process is a reflection of his passion and commitment to his craft. He follows his intuition and experiments with new ideas. “Be open to feedback, but always do what feels right for you, your art, and your community,” he shares. “Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes as you try to find your niche. Try not to compare yourself to others, but always be in competition with yourself. Be consistent — practice your art daily, show up and GM, and try to help others whenever you can. All of this will have a cumulative effect that will help you progress, make friends, and find opportunities.”

As a collector, JakNFT is aware of the challenges in the NFT space, but he also sees the potential for growth and its impact on the future of art and commerce. He has learned the importance of community and feels a strong responsibility always to do his best for his collectors.

JakNFT loves the freedom NFT art enables and the boundless nature of the crypto art community. He is a believer in staying true to oneself and cherishing the standards every artist should abide by. “Community is everything,” says JakNFT.

JakNFT is more than just an NFT artist; he is the heart and soul of the NFT space. His art, personality, and commitment to the community have made him a beloved figure.