“I honestly believe that once we shift the conversation beyond the JPEG aspect of NFTs, we will see the quantum leap in the application of NFTs to our daily life – to everyone’s benefit”

When most people think about NFTs, they instantly think of some random trending PFP project. The reality is, though, that the core technology (and benefits) of NFTs extend way beyond the value of the JPEGs that we’ve gotten used to seeing associated with them.

Now, while the JPEG NFT projects will always be around (because who doesn’t love a good meme NFT Project?) I truly believe that as we hold these conversations and continue to educate the world about the benefits of NFT Technology – in the sense of indisputable proof of ownership – and how it can be applied to our daily lives, we will see a more widespread adoption of NFT Technology.

For example, in 2021 the major theme we saw with NFTs is the ownership of profile picture style NFTs and truly degen meme projects. In 2022, the conversation regarding NFTs wasn’t much different, but we did see quite a few initiatives take hold that go beyond (or build upon) the PFP aspect, applying NFT technology in new ways:

• Ticketing agencies are beginning to use NFT Technology to cut down on the scalpers and resellers of tickets; • Shopify is implementing a token-gated merch store to simplify merchandise purchasing for holders of certain NFTs – along with token-gated print-on-demand options for holders to be able to bring their NFTs into the real world; • Alethea AI implemented ownership of Artificial Intelligence personalities in order to bring PFP NFTs to life; • Clinique airdropped makeup NFTs for owners of specific NFT Collections, allowing users to apply the makeup to their PFP NFTs; and • Many more examples.

I think that in the near future, we will see a quantum leap in NFT Technology being applied to industries such as fashion & luxury goods (proof of authenticity), the automotive industry (proof of ownership for car titles and vehicle history), real estate (proof of ownership), travel (membership & rewards), gaming (player-owned assets), entertainment (token-gated access), and personal identification (proof of identity / actions).

I’m not only excited to see that there are projects applying NFT Technology in ways that go beyond the JPEG, but also would like to encourage people to apply their own creativity in applying the use of, and evolving the way that we use NFT Technology.

Husband, Father, Crypto and AI Enthusiast.
My journey in blockchain started with the realization that blockchain technology was not only trustless and immutable, but also allowed people to control and create their own data – taking that power back from corporations and putting it back in the hands of the users.