Rik Oostenbroek


“Delightfully deviant, his meticulously curated ‘Arcus’ collection consists of 40 pieces created over a period of five years.”

Rik Oostenbroek creates hypnotic art that intrigues, inspires, and invigorates. At a time when Rik felt the dark shadows of mental anguish creep up on him, art provided a comfortable embrace. Motivated by the abstract works of David Marcia, Rik embarked on his own creative journey.

Although creating art according to detailed briefs paid the bills, Rik had bigger dreams: to make money doing something he actually loved. Systematically stepping away from hyper-involved third parties, he shifted focus toward his own work, amassing an impressive social media following as a result.

With no prior crypto experience, Rik was drawn to the buzz in the NFT space. After intensive schooling, his genesis drop, ‘Levitæ,’ was released on SuperRare in March 2021. Drawing inspiration from the magical forest in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar,’ the illusory flowers took over a month to complete.

After minting three NFTs in a similar style, Rik yearned to broaden his horizons. Delightfully deviant, his meticulously curated ‘Arcus’ collection consists of 40 pieces created over a period of five years.

Although multi-talented, Rik is not eager to be a Jack of all trades. He shares: “I have learned that I can’t do everything myself. I can’t be a videographer, graphic designer, and illustrator and be the best at everything. I need to pick my battles carefully.”

AI is one of the most polarizing topics in the NFT space. Rik shares his views: “As artists, we need to adapt to technology and how it evolves. Instead of fearing it, we should learn more about it and see what we can do with it. It is fine to be skeptical, but that is not going to change the fact that it exists.”

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Rik is fluent in several design styles, including 3d graphics, graphic design, typography, traditional art, and illustration. His clients include the likes of Apple, Taylor Swift, Nike, Red Bull, Paramount Pictures, and Verizon.


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