“I think mostly in pictures, so when I hear music, I’m automatically translating the sounds/lyrics into visuals.”

Diane Lindo is a self-taught, full-time stop-motion animation artist based in Hamilton, Canada. She has been creating unique and captivating mixed media art for several years and has recently entered the NFT space with her stunning animations. “A few artists on Instagram nudged me to get into NFTs in 2021. It took me almost a year to gather the energy to start,” Diane reflects. “But I’m so glad I did it! I’ve found a very supportive community.”

Diane grew up in Thornhill, Ontario. When asked how growing up there impacted her work, she replied, “The only way my location has had an influence on my work was probably from having to accept early on that we were a house of oddballs within a mostly quiet neighborhood. My family is filled with characters to say the very least, and growing up, not much was censored in my environment. I think that comes out in my art a lot, the way I’m able to not have a filter and accept however I might be perceived or misread.” Artists such as Kurt Cobain and Trent Reznor have been rich sources of inspiration throughout her life. “I feel most influenced and stimulated by musicians,” Diane says. “I think mostly in pictures, so when I hear music, I’m automatically translating the sounds/lyrics into visuals.”

Diane’s artistic process is unique. She shares: “First I build a set, then I move my characters/objects around by hand while taking a photo during each stage of movement. Then I string those photos together on a video editing program on my laptop. From there, I add music/sound effects from a website called ‘story blocks.’ My work is always partially improvised as I go.”

When asked about other artists in the web3 space that she admires, Diane mentioned tjo (@0xTjo) as her favorite NFT artist she’s come across so far. As a collector, she likes to collect anything that feels special to her in some way.

Diane’s animations are genuinely captivating and bring life to the digital world. Her ability to tell stories through her art and unique artistic process set her apart in the NFT space. We can’t wait to see what she creates next, and we’re sure that her art will continue to be sought after by collectors.

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