‘’When it comes to collecting, the most important thing for me is the artist. I’m really interested in the person behind the art. In this way, I feel I’m able to better understand what the artist is conveying.”

Adam’s, aka Moosher_Pixels,’ glitch art is like watching a scary movie… the cultist figures and glitchy imagery grab your attention immediately, leaving you bewildered and wondering what transpires next.

One would never think that he studied geography. Much too boring a subject for a creative such as he, although there’s a hint of it coming out in his artworks, as they are based on some event or location.

“I love geography by my heart, but what I really wanted to do was dig deep into the film industry, and I started doing short films and music videos.” he says. “Over the last 10 years, I became a VFX artist, and an interest in the hologram and light VFX areas led me to the creation of glitchy effects, videos, and gifs.”

So how did Moosher_Pixels get into NFTs? Crypto and NFTs were not new to him.

He had read a lot about them. He was curious but kept his distance, with it being an unpredictable space. But his curiosity got the better of him, and in 2022 he decided to dive into NFTs and has not looked back.

Being a bit of an introvert, social media platforms were out of his comfort zone, but he began to share his artwork on Twitter which gained him exposure. He caught the eye of a collector who imparted good advice. This led to conversing with other NFT artists and collectors as well as selling his first NFTs on

“Creating the art is a long process. I prefer drawing on paper using different shapes, characters, and backgrounds. I photograph it, take it into Photoshop, damage the images to create something more abstract, and then I put it all together in After Effects. That’s where the magic comes in! That’s where I transform the image into millions of dancing pixels.”

His main project, The Cultists, started with “The Proactive Cultists” collection. He extended this idea and now has two more collections on F oundation. The “Activists of GREED” and “The Highlanders.” His fictional universe is growing and has many stories to tell.

Moosher_Pixels has big plans and wants to take his art to another level, creating a comic book series, all while keeping the glitchy art direction.

He’s one NFT artist to certainly keep an eye on.